Matteo La Porta



• 2003: collaboration with the Istrian photographer Sandra Požun (Sandra Požun photography
( the first artistic nude.
• 2005: meeting with the photographer from Florence CLAUDIA PAOLI (Claudia Paoli – Fotografa
in Firenze).
• 2007: release of the new photo book by photographer Aljoša Jerovšek with MUA and stylist
Maruša Ojsteršek (Marusa Ojstersek (@marusaojstersek) • Foto e video di Instagram)
• 2012: photographic book with the American artist Bessie Secor (Bessie Secor photographer &
fashion stylist).
• 2018: collaboration with photographer Elisa Speroni (Fotografia | Elisa Speroni Photography)
• 2019: collaboration with the painter and artist Annamaria Mazzini (Body Art Italia
( and her association for breast cancer operated women. Participation in
the first contest of Circeo Body Art and ranked second for the performance of body model
painting, organization by Sonia Ricci (Circeo Body Art | Facebook).
• 2022: start of collaboration with the photographer from Monfalcone Valeria d’Alberto (Valeria
D’Alberto | Facebook) and creation of two photo books.


• 2001: part in the TV commercial for Pasta Grande (with Jan Plestenjak | Facebook).
• 2004: regular guest of the first season of the Saturday night show HriBar (RTV) hosted by Sašo
Hribar (Hri-bar – RTV SLO).
• 2005: participation in the most successful reality show in Slovenia Sanjska Ženska (from The
Bachelorette format). (Sanjska ženska – Wikipedija, prosta enciklopedija ( (Sanjska
ľenska (
• 2006: occasional guest of the first season of the Pyramid broadcast (RTVSlo).
• 2007: guest in the talk show hosted by Oriana Girotto Razmerja (Relations) on TV Paprika.
• 2022: guest in the talk show »Il giardino dei Sogni« (TV Koper-Capodistria, programma Italiano –
RTV SLO) hosted by Lorella Flego broadcast on TV KOPER (RTV SLO). Thematic is the theater.
Aired on November 8, 2022.


• 2007: debut with Bertold Brecht’s theater of the absurd “Learning exercises: Does man help
man?”, At the Plesni teater in Ljubljana, directed by Barbara Kranjc.
• 2008: production of »Triko« freely based on the Slovenian author Milan Jesih (Milan Jesih –
Wikipedija, prosta enciklopedija ( Directed by Barbara Kranjc.
• 2019: start of collaboration with the ARTeatro di Monfalcone Association (
• 2022: staging of »Se Fosse Guerra« at the Municipal Theater of Monfalcone and the Kulturni
dom of Gorizia. Role »Manfred, the Time Lord«. Directed by Andrea Pahor.
• 2002: staging of the »KON-TIKI« in the context of »Monfalcone Eventi Estate«. Role Torstein
Raaby. Directed by Andrea Pahor.
• 2022: December, staging of »Little Red Riding Hood and sautéed mushrooms« as part of the
“Christmas Concert” (link), at the Municipal Theater of Monfalcone. Role Jacob Ludwig Karl
Grimm. Directed by Andrea Pahor. Reply February 2023 at the Municipal Theater of Begliano
• 2023: March-June, staging of »Il Carso« by Roberto Covaz at the Municipal Theater of
Monfalcone. Directed by Andrea Pahor.
• 2023: May, staging of William Shakespeare’s “Falstaff and the Merry Wives” by William
Shakespeare, the role of Mr. Ford, is scheduled at the Municipal Theater of Begliano (GO).
Directed by Luciana Ricchi.


• 2006-2007: study of dramatic and experimental theater, Stanislavski’s system, at the Dramska
School of Barica Blenkuš (DŠBB – Dramska šola Barice Blenkuš ( under the guidance of
mentors Barbara Krajnc and Barbara Žefran, thanks to whom she approaches acting
techniques, expression and relaxation on stage.
• 2022 (October): Workshop “ACTING, A PROFESSION” by Mariantonia AVATI (Cervia, Italy _
Associazione Culturale Laborventuno _ LaborVentuno – Associazione Culturale).
• 2022 (November): Teaser “ACTING FOR FILM – EXERCISES AND SCENE STUDY”, with Jerry
COYLE (Filmschool Vienna, Austria _ Schauspielschule in Wien – filmschoolvienna).
• 2023 (January): Masterclass by SIMONA IZZO (Milan, Italy _ Marina Perzy and School City
Actors _
• 2023 (February): NYFA (New York Film Academy_New York Film Academy | College of Film,
Media, & Performing Arts ( – 2 Week Acting for Film Online Workshop. Working on
Audition, Text in Action, Performance Analysis, Monologue, New Media and Voice&Speech.
• 2023 (February): Masterclass by RICKY TOGNAZZI (Milan, Italy _ Marina Perzy and School City
Actors _
introduction-to-shurtleff-online), Instructor: Linda Gillum (


• 2023: walk-on role M. Il FIGLIO DEL SECOLO (“M. THE SON OF THE CENTURY”), TV series
directed by Joe Wright and produced by Sky Studios and Lorenzo Mieli for The Apartment
Pictures, a company of the Fremantle group, in collaboration with Pathé.
• 2023: starring actor in the academic short LA CONFESSIONE (“THE CONFESSION”) by Denise
De Divitiis, RUFA (Accademia Belle Arti Roma – RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts – RUFA